ACROPOLIS RALLY (GREECE) – June 4th- 6th, Round

newego_LARGE_t_77761_221722The ultimate, relaxed, “holiday” rally

A legendary rally over hard and rough gravel roads in central Greece. The rugged event pitches the technical teams and machinery against the rock strewn, car breaking stages. Meanwhile the crews have to cope with in car temperatures well in excess of 130 F during the intense summer heat.

Although rocky, the roads often provide breathtaking speeds, as nowadays the event is a sprint over 400 km. Based in Lamia (Central Greece), the competitive mileage takes place in the Parnassos Mountains, which boasts a ski resort! The views from high up in the mountains are picturesque and possibly the most dramatic of any European WRC event. The stages are also notoriously slippy with a fine layer of dust over the top of hard bedrock. This ensures the leaderboard is home to a few surprises during the opening day as the stages are swept “clean” by the earlier cars. Surprisingly spectators can enjoy a full range of action from watersplashes, mountain top hairpins to gully cutting corners whilst dramatic dust clouds follow the cars. The Greek countryside provides a backdrop for one of the most visually impactful and historic rallies of the year. Many stages such as Karoutes, Inohori and Paleohori are simply stunning.

The event is well supported by enthusiastic crowds who are well distributed around the many spectator areas. There are some extra routes in and out of the stages accessed via an abundance of gravel tracks that are not favoured by the locals. The action is dramatic but in contrast to the pace of Greek life that beckons you to enjoy the rally but at a steady pace. Succumb to the rallies charm and allow yourself to relax at roadside restaurants between stages.

Delphi is simply beautiful and relaxed.

Our base is the historic town of Delphi, which clings to the mountainside overlooking the coast and only 20km from some of the stages. Delphi has many quality tavernas and a limited number of bars, which ensures the Acropolis becomes a rally to relax into, rather than devour. Time should be taken to view the ruins and amphitheatre of the Oracle, outside Delphi and if you get the chance, schedule a dip in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea on one of the easily accessed beaches.

Ford rules in Greece !

Expect the durable, new Subarus, Citroens, Skodas and Mitsubishis to challenge Ford and Peugeot for honours. On an event where the road positions hinder the early runners, frequently drivers running ten to fifteen in the road order come to the fore. Markko Martin won his first WRC event here in 2003 and was only prevented from victory in 2002 by a puncture. Prior to Martin, McRae reigned supreme…. So this is a favoured hunting ground for Ford.